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Enchant your friends and loved ones with an unforgettable and breathtaking aerial adventure in the Southwestern sky.

Experience the world as you never have before with Private Balloon Flights!

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Private Balloon Flights

Family/Corporate Balloon Flights

Hot Air Balloons  | Private Balloon Flights

Regardless of the occasion, hot air balloons provide a magical experience and allow you to view and experience the world as you have never seen it before.

Private Balloon Flights  | Private Balloon Flights

Does someone special in your life have a birthday coming up? Are you trying to think of a truly magical way to celebrate your anniversary or engagement?

Family/Corporate Balloon Flights  | Private Balloon Flights

All members of your family will love being up in the air and experiencing the world from a different angle, and it can be a fantastic bonding experience...

For more information on any of our services, or to book your flight, contact the team at Private Balloon Flights. Discounts are available, call us at (888) 550-2677 for details! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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We Are Accident Free!

Nothing is more spectacular than experiencing sunrise in the Rocky Mountains from the sky. Now, that experience is available for you, your family, and your friends when you choose Private Balloon Flights. Enjoy an incredibly romantic, fun, or down right exhilarating adventure with unforgettable, breathtaking scenery in the Southwestern sky.

A hot air balloon is an amazing and highly unique experience, one that you will never forget. We offer both sunrise and seasonal sunset flights, and we will fly at varying altitudes to ensure the smoothest possible flight and the best possible views. We have been doing this for many years, and all our professional, accident free FAA certified commercial pilots are flying in FAA certified hot air balloons, which are the finest examples of modern technology available.

In addition, Private Balloon Flights utilizes only Cameron Balloons. These world-renowned balloons are the global leader in safety and comfort, and they are the only hot air balloons that have circumnavigated the world! Your safety is not an issue with Private Balloon Flights, allowing you to simply relax and enjoy your flight.

Our knowledge of the local area will also be proven; we have been performing hot air balloon flights in the Albuquerque, NM area for many years and are able to entertain you with interesting sights and informative stories about the Southwest. This is sure to provide you with an experience you will truly never forget.

If you need further convincing, we conclude your joyride with a continental brunch, a traditional toast of champagne or juice, a story about the history of ballooning, your own personalized certificate, as well as including commemorative t-shirts, baseball caps, champagne flutes, balloon pins, and balloon cards!

For more information on our spectacular hot air balloon flights, call the team at Private Balloon Flights today at (888) 550-2677. We are an accident-free balloon ride operator!