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Private Balloon Flights lets you float gently above the Rio Grande River, where you can enjoy looking down and seeing the world as you’ve never seen it before. You will feel part of something very special, and no words can really describe how incredible this experience can be. Watch the birds fly below you, touch the clouds, and enjoy the breeze of the freshest air imaginable.

You will be amazed by the control and ability of our talented and enthusiastic accident free top of the line pilots as they professionally maneuver these seven story tall balloons over the changing landscape.

Your Private Balloon Flights adventure will last around 3 to 3½ hours with an average flight time of one hour, which is plenty enough to soak up the amazing atmosphere and enjoy this incredible experience. When weather conditions permit, we do enjoy a longer flight time, but we do not promise this as other companies may, as we do not want to disappoint you at the last minute. Instead, we would rather surprise you with the option of a longer flight time!

Call Private Balloon Flights today at (888) 550-2677 for more information on this unique opportunity. We are an accident-free balloon ride operator!


"Thank you to Capt. Bentley for an awesome bucket-list adventure! I am sooo not a morning person but it was worth getting up at 4:30 am for this! The unintended landing in the playground of an elementary school during recess time was priceless. I'm so glad that I had the video running as we approached and landed. Pictures would not have done the moment any justice. Video has been uploaded to YouTube for all to enjoy! Thanks again, Private Balloon Flights! You run a first-class operation and it shows."

K. Healy
August 31, 2013

I am so happy that I was able to do this. It's such a great memory. At first I was a little scared, but after a while the scenery was so beautiful that I forgot about my fears. I would definitely fly with this company again. They were so professional and kind; I am so happy that I flew with them. I filmed the whole trip to share it with my audience on YouTube so that they could see what it's like. If you also want to see what the experience is like then check out my video"

E. Romina
July 17, 2013

"My husband and I stopped in Albuquerque on the way to Sedona, then again on the way back. I had though about going for a hot air balloon ride while planning our trip to the Southwest (from Indiana), but didn't think I had the guts to do it. While in Sedona, I decided to go for it, so I called and made a reservation for our first full day back in Albuquerque. You only live once, and I didn't know that I would have the opportunity to ever to it again, so........ And, I am SO glad I did. It was AMAZING! Captain Bentley was the pilot. I was in a basket with 5 other people, all of us 'first-time' balloonist. I don't like heights, but, honestly, I wasn't a bit scared; the flight, from beginning to end, was smooth as silk. And, to become a crew member and help fold and load up the balloon afterward enhanced the entire experience. If I'm ever back in Albuquerque, I would schedule another balloon flight in a heartbeat! Thank you Captain Bentley and rest of his crew."
Pat D.
June 2, 2013