Private Balloon Flights

Experience the world as you never have before with Private Balloon Flights!

Such A Magical Experience!

Private Balloon Flights  | Private Balloon Flights - Albuquerque, NM

Does someone special in your life have a birthday coming up? Are you trying to think of a truly magical way to celebrate your anniversary or engagement? Are you looking for a fun adventure to share with your friends or colleagues? If so, you should book a magical balloon flight with Private Balloon Flights.

We have a private and personal service that will make your flying adventure even more fun than you could have ever expected. You may not want to end up in a crowded basket with strangers, so if you are with your children or a large family, this is just the service for you! Similarly, if you are hoping to share a romantic balloon flight with that special someone in your life, our private flights are perfect for your needs.

We have family baskets that can carry up to six people in the air all at once. This provides you with a cozy environment and is a fantastically, magical experience to share with your family. If you have a larger family, we will simply take another balloon and fly in convoy! We also offer family discounts throughout the year, so be sure to enquire about those when you call.

If you’re looking for a romantic flight to share with your partner, or you are a senior couple who don’t want to share a basket with several excited children, we also offer private balloon flights in “couples only” baskets. These provide you with the peace and serenity you are looking for in a hot air balloon flight, without any other guests.

Whatever your situation, Private Balloon Flights can ensure that you have an incredible experience in the air, one you will never forget. Our Accident Free FAA Certified Pilots guarantee your safety in the air in our high-quality balloons, so you can sit back and enjoy the experience.

Call (888) 550-2677 today to inquire about our private balloon flights. Private Balloon Flights  | Private Balloon Flights - Albuquerque, NM